Davio's First Semi-Bimonthly Suicide Prevention Party

| 12:30 PM Sunday 22 September (CDT)

Joy is an act of resistance.

Can you see that? Over the horizon–over the fields packed with dead, abuzz with the deafening din of everyone you know being slowly eaten by worms?

It's a light. A small one, but big enough to see by. A flickering candle that will soon blossom into an inferno. This is the purpose of my Semi-Bimonthly Suicide Prevention Party: to be anticipated, to hold excitement, to be something we can look forward to.

More specific details will be released as the days near, as the flames rise, as the sand falls. The event will take the form, largely, of an afternoon potluck. So please join me at what will hopefully be the first of many beautiful fates to come.

UPDATE: The theme has been revealed! This will be an arts&crafts themed event! I will provide paints and crayons and canvases and paper for folks to express themselves free of judgement or criticism.

Join for a delightful afternoon of shared food and art! Go home with something you can be proud of! Or with something for you to coyly stow in your special place for later reflection.

RSVP soon.

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