Davio's Very Radical Birthday

| Saturday 17 August (CDT)

It's Leo season, baby.

Friends, Enemies,

Against all odds, People's champion Davio Cianci has completed one more cycle, totaling a hefty twenty six. For most, simply being alive would suffice, but not this warrior. No, we must LIVE! We must shed our bonds, run unflinchingly into the night and scream out "Beep Boop I'm NOT a robot! For I CHOSE to beep!!!!"

We'll be traveling to the MSI in Hyde Park for BitBash Chicago (https://bitbashchicago.com/)–an excellent indie games showcase that should be a lot of fun. You can get tickets online and there's a discount if you get tickets in groups of four so we can coordinate that. Then after, we'll grab dinner and perhaps head back to Batavia for some merriment!

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