What is ResearchOps?

location Treemouse | 4 PM-8 PM Thursday 31 May 2018 (IST)

Join us in building a global framework for ResearchOps

There's been a buzz in the design research community around ResearchOps - have you caught on to it & wondered what it is? Well its one of those things that we're yet to figure out & you have a chance to contribute towards it :)

The ResearchOps Community is on a mission to define & build a framework for research operations. The community is running a series of global workshops in at least 14 + countries to collaboratively build this definition over May, June & July. This workshop in New Delhi is one of the first in India to kick-off this process and our output will contribute to a global community initiative to create a definition and better understanding of ResearchOps.

Read more about the ResearchOps initiative here:<br /> Medium Community ReOps

Who is this workshop for?<br /> Anyone who actively uses research in their work can participate. It does not matter much whether your 'title' includes research or not as long as you are an active user research practitioner that uses their skills in a professional setting.

What do I get out of it?<br /> Your participation contributes to building a global definition of what operational research is. It is also a great opportunity to investigate the impact of your research practice, as well as a platform to share knowledge and stories about how we’re doing research today. Anything that we produce out of the workshops will be open-source: made by all who take part, shared back to you, and free to use.

Commitment<br /> Everyone who's participating in the workshop has committed to setting aside the full 4 hours for this.

In addition to this all participants are required to fill out this survey before the workshop. This will help us tune in to the ReOps conversations so far & cover more ground during the workshop.

What to bring?<br /> A free mind & a collaborative attitude! Everyone who attends would need to engage & participate actively to the conversation. Even though our studio has lovely places to relax & chill, this workshop is meant to be energetic, so sitting along the sidelines just to get inspiration is not an option this time :)

See you all soon!





91, Godavari Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi, Delhi 110019, India

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