DemocraParty: Crowdsourcing for democracy

location Newspeak House | 10 AM-5 PM Saturday 09 April 2016 (WET)

Hello friends,

We'll be having a democracy data party on Saturday 9 April. There will have been some new data published by authorities the day before that we can go through and check/import. And there'll be loads of other fun things to crowdsource.

And you're welcome to come and build things with the data - or chat about new possibilities for building things. Or about data that you'd want. Or just bathe in the warm glow of democracy. There'll be people there from 10am, but feel free to pop in during the day.

We'll be in the upstairs bit of Newspeak House (not the main bit, for there's a different event taking place there.) Tweet Joe if you can't get in!

Hurray for Democracy!


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    Pro-democracy volunteering in the UK

  • Joe Mitchell

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Newspeak House

133 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG, United Kingdom

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