Demo for Democracy

location Westminster | Saturday 07 May 2016 (GMT)

Rally outside parliament for proportional representation!

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May 7th 2016 marks one year since the most disproportionate general election in British history. We are rallying outside parliament to demand a proportional system for electing MPs and an end to the injustice of First Past the Post.

Last May, 7.5 million people (24%) voted for UKIP, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats. Between them they are now represented by only 10 MPs (1.5%).

Meanwhile, the Conservatives got 37% of the vote and 51% of the seats and the SNP got 56 seats for just over 1 million votes.

Millions of people are angry that their votes were wasted and had no effect on the outcome of the election. Millions are angry that they were forced to vote tactically to stop the candidate they disliked the most, rather than for the candidate they wanted to win.

After the election there was a groundswell of support for electoral reform. Half a million people signed petitions to change our voting system and polls consistently show a majority of people support proportional representation.

Join us on May 7th 2016 to demand a fairer voting system with visual stunts and high profile speakers to be confirmed.


  • Owen Winter

    Member of @UKYP for Cornwall • Democracy is Under Construction • Spokesperson of @MakeVotesMatter & Council Member @electoralreform Society • #YouthVoice

  • Natalie Bennett

    Leader of @TheGreenParty of England and Wales. #VoteGreen2016 #GreenerIN Follows aren't an endorsement.

  • Diane James

    Deputy Chairman of UKIP, MEP for the South East of England. UKIP Home Affairs and Justice Spokesman.

  • Alexandra Runswick

    Director of Unlock Democracy, policy geek, feminist, Evertonian, slightly obsessed Aunt. All views are my own unless retweeted by @unlockdemocracy

  • SalBrinton

    Liberal Democrat President, Lib Dem Peer, PPC Watford (2010 & 2005). Cllr Cambs County Council (1993 - 2004).

  • Marianne Overton MBE

    Active local Councillor, Independent of any National Party. Lincolnshire CC, NKDC, V.Chair of the LGA for England and Wales. Speaks on Exploring Wild Places

  • Owen Jones

    Author of 'The Establishment' and 'Chavs', Socialist, Guardian columnist. Losing my Northern accent. My views etc...

  • George Aylett

    17/12/14. 'Rotund Labourite'. Socialist. Labour & Co-operative. Young Labour NC (South West). Once ran for parliament. Terrible at running. Bath City FC fan.

  • Stewart McDonald MP

    SNP Member of Parliament for Glasgow South. Proud Glaswegian & Southsider. For constituent cases & policy queries email

  • John Strafford

    Interested in democracy, Conservative Party and UK history.




Westminster, London SW1H, UK

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