A regenerative economy for rural communities - creating solutions that work

location Old Fire Station- Dance Studio | 10 AM-1 PM Tuesday 12 April 2016 (GMT)

It is not half so important to know as to feel - Rachel Carson

Small holder farmers produce 60 % of food that is from developing and many developed countries, yet they struggle with limited income from inefficient, low yield farming practice. Often on degraded land and they are being encouraged into single crop farming. Instead, we need to re-wild and replant our forest agriculture and matrix farming practices. Natural regenerative design for established small farmers and earth stewards leads to decreasing soil erosion and less desertification, creating abundant food solutions for the future.

The Process:
Designing in groups for real life issues - using nature as our guide for solving difficult problems….. - Looking at the struggle Cocoa farmers face in Jamaica - dealing with the challenge of climate change and last years drought. What impact can we make from our world perspective and how do we create value rather than import raw goods cheaply? Moving beyond fairtrade

  • Tackling the real life problems of Juan Patricio Pilco Hipo, the founder and leader of “Dressing the Mountains in Green“ a reforestation and agro-ecological project in the Andes. Can we create a solution that supports Patricio and his community in becoming financially stable and self-reliant so they can carry out their important work in bringing water and fertility back to this arid and devastated region?

We will collectively tap into our natural intelligence of heart and mind, as well as bringing all our experience into the room, to see what emerges out of a creative design process aided by the principles of Biomimicry.


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