Developer Food Event

location 1917 N Elston Ave | 12 PM-4 PM Wednesday 25 February 2015 (CDT)

Food. We all like it. Let's eat it.

Come to our co-working space. Eat our sweet meats, drink our wine. Play our Killer Queen. Then leave and go to Bit Bash.

Details: It's a lunch. We'll buy it. You'll eat it. We'll play games. We might listen to music. Who knows. Anything could happen. It's indie lunch.

Food: We'll probably order Chinese. Or tacos. We'll make sure we have vegan and gluten-free options.

Timing: Lunch is at noon. We'll be here at 10am, so if you want to come by and work, you're welcome to hang out. If you're volunteering at Bit Bash, you should take off at 3:30 for 4pm setup. If you're attending Bit Bash, you can leave with us to get there right at 7pm.

Invites: Please feel free to invite friends and loved ones. Use your discretion. No weirdos.



1917 N Elston Ave

1917 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, USA

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