Devon Digital Community presents Ludum Dare Post-Mortem

location Carpe Diem | 6 PM Friday 29 April (BST)

See the amazing games made in Ludum Dare 35

Hot on the heels of Ludum Dare 35, join us for harrowing tales of game development, junk food and self-inflicted exhaustion, at the DDC Ludum Dare 35 Post-Mortem!

We’d like to hear from anyone who took part in the jam, talking about their game, their development process, and any other interesting tidbits from the experience.

To make sure it’s easier for anyone to jump up and talk about their game, we’ve decided to switch up the format a little:

For each game, speakers will talk for a maximum of five minutes. When finished, the speakers will field up to 3 questions, before surrendering the podium to the next speaker. This way, speakers can have a little more structure, and don’t have to stress too much about their content. Can’t decide what to say? We’ll have a cheat sheet on hand, with the most relevant topics to cover, to transform even the sparsest development story into an odyssey.

If you’re interested in showing off your game, make sure to let us know beforehand, so we can get a list of speakers together (Chances are we will come round at the game jam to get some idea of numbers)

There will be a machine provided that you can use to run your game, or should you need to you’re welcome to bring your own. And of course, those who didn’t take part in the jam are welcome to come along and take part as well, the more the merrier!


  • Devon Digital

    Creating an open and honest digital community with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience

  • Little Red Panda

    A tiny game studio, making games for children. Ran by @VikiJ_

  • SoGoodStudios

    Ambitious indie game trio. As good as the name suggests. Just released our first game, Tap Tournament:

  • ⭕liver Carson

    The Joesph Joestar of code, the Dio of games design, likes giant robots. Working on an action game called Dispatch! I'm In Pursuit!

  • Harry Jenkins

    Indie Game Dev, Pixel Artist for Hire and Funny Third Thing. All views are mine even yours. Enquiries:

  • Questionable Quality

    Makers of games and other questionable riff raff. Currently making That's My Jellybean! #gamedev #indiedev

  • Brainy Beard

    Making AI more accessible to game developers one bot at a time!


Carpe Diem

50 North Hill, Plymouth PL4 8EU, United Kingdom

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