Plymouth Game Devs' Game Club: Pokémon GO

location The New Continental Hotel | 6 PM-11 PM Friday 26 August 2016 (GMT)

This month, Game Club invites you to take a break from the great outdoors, with it's overrated fresh air, vitamin D and beautiful wildlife, and instead spend some time indoors talking about Pokémon GO.

Pokemon Go Imagequot;Pokemon Go")

This month we've got a special guest attendee - Unity Evangelist and Chief of Curiosity at Rocket Lolly Games, Oscar Clark. After hearing about Game Club, Oscar was keen to be involved, so we asked if he'd like to suggest a game. He sent over this introduction:

Hi I'm Oscar Clark, Author, Consultant and Hat Wielding Evangelist at Unity. I'm also Chief of Curiosity at Rocket Lolly Games, working with Ella Romanos on The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me.

I've been involved with online, mobile and console games since 1998 including BT's Wireplay, 3UK mobile games (worlds 1st mobile IAP - we think), Playstation Home, etc. etc. and have a fixation on Games As A Service (the title of my book)

The game I'm thinking we should review is something probably most of you are playing already - Pokemon Go!

However, I don't want focus on only what is good about it - but whats wrong with it and how you could make a location game (I think labelling it AR is confusing) that could still be popular and not based on Pokemon.

Looking forward to seeing you all


The doors will open at 6pm for a 7pm start. First off we'll arrange everyone into groups, each with a chairperson, who will lead the discussion for the night. The discussion will be split up into two parts, with a short break in between for everyone to grab a drink and cool off.

Game Club will work in the same way as a book club - spend some time over the next weeks playing through the game, and really get a feel for it and how it works, before selecting what you think is the most interesting or important point in the game to discuss at the event.

And remember, there is a particular focus on how you could successfully release a similar game without the Pokemon brand (So it could be worth giving 'Ingress' a look too!)

Entry will be £1.


The New Continental Hotel

Millbay Rd, Plymouth PL1 3LD, UK

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