Diagnosing the NHS: SynÆ innovation day

location ODI Leeds | 9:30 AM-4 PM Tuesday 05 March 2019 (BST)

Could synthetic data have the potential to help with real problems facing the NHS?

There is no denying that more open data - about health, the NHS, etc - could be incredibly useful to unlocking innovative solutions to many of the pressures that the NHS faces. Much of this data is already collected but never released in order to protect individuals (rightly so!).

Could 'synthetic' data be a solution? This is the process of analysing real data for the patterns and relationships that exist between all of the variables and values, then using those patterns to generate data that contains no real personal data but still acts the same way. This is the intention of a new project collaboration between ODI Leeds and NHS England.

Join us on Tuesday 5 March 2019 to explore the processes and outcomes of using synthetic data.

This will be a hands-on kind of day where you can collaborate with other interested and knowledgeable folk. If you want to see examples of our previous innovation events, take a quick look at our website. Here is a set of objectives that we will work towards: 1. Publish, discuss, and test the SynÆ process 2. Opportunity mapping 3. Next steps

During the first stages of the project, we set up an 'open document' where people could start asking questions and making suggestions. This document will help inform the innovation day, but will also remain open for those who cannot attend the event.


ODI Leeds

3rd Floor Munro House, Duke St, Leeds LS9 8AG, UK

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