#DigiClimbMCR #1

location Manchester Climbing Centre | Tuesday 13th of September at 6:30pm

Work with Digital? Like Climbing?

Let's all meetup and go climbing on Tuesday!

—– Q&A —–

How can I get there? The postcode is M12 5ND Map and there is lots of parking for cars and bikes (inside).

Bus: From Manchester city centre, get on the 205 or 206 buses from Piccadilly gardens to Bennett Street. Timetable

How much will it cost? No more than £15.25 (assuming you've never climbed here before and you need to hire climbing shoes, harness and belay plate). read more about prices

I'm not very good at climbing, is that ok? Yes! You should be able to belay and tie in, and pass MCC's minimum skills thing - but in terms of grading or confidence - the wider variety the merrier! Climbing is about personal challenges and encouraging each other to push themselves.

I'm not very good at digital, is that ok? Yes. It doesn't matter what your background, level of technical expertise, job title - you're reading this - so therefore you're welcome. :)

How will I recognise people when I'm there? Look for the guy with the big white Mercedes cap sitting in the cafe area opposite reception. Or if you're a bit late, come down and look for this guy

I've never climbed before, is this for me? Probably not this time. :(

In the near future, it'd be awesome if there we knew we had enough competent climbers to invite beginners along. For this first one, it probably isn't the right time to figure this part out. Stay tuned, perhaps give me a shout so I know you're interested - and we'll figure something out soon!

What, y'know, happens? We meet up. We climb together in pairs or small groups. We chat. We go home. This is the first one - so there's an element of figuring it all out. :)

Is this bouldering or climbing? I was thinking of climbing, but I'd be up to for a bouldering-only #digiclimbmcr sometime! Let's figure it out!

Is diversity important? Very. #DigiClimbMCR is a welcoming and inclusive space - we want you to be comfortable and feel welcome with us!

Who is behind this? @tdobson

Is this on facebook? Yes

I have another question? Send me a tweet!


Manchester Climbing Centre

St. Benedict's Church, Bennett St, Manchester M12 5ND, UK

map Open in Google maps | Apple maps | Citymapper

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