Dirty Little Secrets

location Topos, 2311 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131 | 4 PM Sunday 17 September (PST)

<i>Laws are like sausages — it’s best not to see them be made.</i>† –Otto Von Bismark

You know that feeling when a friend starts gushing about the new amazing thing from your field that changes everything? The one that makes you want to roll your eyes and say “look. If you only knew X you might think twice.”

Those are the dirty little secrets. They’re the nuances about how the sausages are made that change your outlook - both to temper excitement but also to build appreciation for things that might seem mundane.

Some examples include:

  • The tiny sample size and uncontrollable nature of nutrition studies
  • The number of utter failure takes involved in an amazing robot video

Come share your field’s dirty secrets on Sunday 9/17 at 4pm at Topos, 2311 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131

We’ll structure the afternoon as a series of five minute or less “rants” followed by five minutes of questions.

Some rules:

  • Like fight club, if it’s your first time here, you have to present. And since this is the first time we’ve done this … everybody has to present.
  • The goal is knowledge and fun - not trashing or defending anything.

Let’s see how the sausage is made — together we might just be able to make it better.

†There are even dirty secrets around this quote. It is really “Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made” AND Though similar remarks are often attributed to Bismarck, this is the earliest known quote regarding laws and sausages, and is attributed to John Godfrey Saxe, University Chronicle.

("Quote… Misquote" by Fred R. Shapiro in The New York Times (21 July 2008); according to Shapiro's research, such remarks only began to be attributed to Bismarck in the 1930s.)

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