[Dorkbot Chicago]: Adventure Monday

location Catalyze Chicago | 7 PM-10 PM Tuesday 24 March 2015 (SST)

Hello Fellow Dorkboters!

We are in our second last Dorkbot of the 2014-2015 season before your tireless organizer Jen Chan has to do something about her expatriate visa status! (Our fantastic event hoster/co-organizer Josh will still be around, and is open to cool new media event ideas like these as usual)

Please gear up for our final Dorkbot in May— WE ARE PLANNING ON A FREE-FOR-ALL, ROUND ROBIN TYPE EVENT where everyone talks about a piece of their work for 10 minutes in a circle. It’ll be like speed dating for new media artists!

PLEASE don’t be shy and email with your interest in participating, and what equipment you’re bringing. All skill levels welcome!

But as of this month, we are excited to present the brand new new media band Adventure Monday on Tuesday March 24 at 7pm at Catalyze Chicago (650 W. Lake St. Suite #2. Closest stop Clinton Green station)

Bored of seapunk? Hate jam bands? Need to bring a date or a new friend to something hip and new, but don't exactly want to talk?

Adventure Monday are new media artists/organizers/realtime-perfomers Paula Nacif, Kevin Carey and Christine Janokowicz.

Adventure Monday is an eclipsing phantasy, from AM to PM the pH level remains acidic, a dejavuic reverie that you take through an empty Rain Forest Cafe, a deserted thrift store in the middle of a dessert like the one you ate last night or the taco joint down the street. Shaped by post­campist approaches to exploration, they sync their devices to any geolocation they step on, constructing a meta narrative with all the bars, no matter their wifi signal. ‪#‎live‬ ‪#‎realtime‬ ‪#‎audiovisual‬ ‪#‎mashup‬ ‪#‎remix‬ ‪#‎lecture‬ ‪#‎graphics ‬‪#‎newmedia‬ http://adventuremonday.rocks

Christine will talk about her explorations in programming visuals in Max/MSP/Jitter and her interest in the intersection and interchange of sound and visuals working together to create a synesthetic experience.

Kevin will talk about the transition of his focus in moving image to sound, the translation of sound as a visual medium, and the environments and spaces these mediums inhabit.

Paula will talk about instructions, misinterpretations, mistranslations and transcriptions: text as illustration, drawing as subtitle, speech as performance, and archive as reproduction.

>>Who is Adventure Monday?

Kevin Carey is a Chicago-based artist and musician. He makes musical-noises and noisical-musics for: the club (COLD TECH), the internet (NUMBERS.FM), and some spaces in between. His past collaborations include DITHER_DOOM and ƴPH∆R∆ØHɧ▲▲△⌡!îxXx. He's currently chilling with Adventure Monday and producing for vocalists around Chicago.

Paula Nacif was born on 19.9167° south of the Equator and 43.9333° west of the Prime Meridian (Cancer rising, ascendant). She was raised at 38.7139° north of the Equator and 9.1394° west of the Prime Meridian (presently fluent in three languages). Now, she is an artist and organizer (1-800-SPACE; g(URL)_FREAX) living in the mid(west)dle and working with digital media, performance and writing. Her work has been shown online and off. She has controlled crowds in Chicago, Illinois.

Christine Janokowicz [@armpitrubber] is a new media artist born & raised in Chicago IL. She exploded onto this speck in the Summer of ’92 & has been cyber tanning since Windows ’98. Her work, ranging from gifs to VHS video to bedazzled mannequins, has been shown online & nationally. #popstar #chlorine #chillvibes. In 2014 she graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Part-time you can find her charming the masses & fixing shattered souls [screens] @ your local windy city flagship Apple store. #callme #beepme #ifyouwannareachme.

//What is Dorkbot? http://dorkbot.org/startadorkbot/

Dorkbot is a multi-city series of free informal talks by people who do strange things with electricity. It started running in New York in 2008 and has since expanded to become an event with multiple chapters in different cities such as Berlin, Toronto, Istanbul and San Fran . Do you do fun things with technology? Want to give a talk, demo, or workshop to other people playing with tech?

Please email Jen Chan [jennifer7chan(at)gmail(dot)com] and Josh Billions [josh(at)catalyzechicago(dot)org].


Catalyze Chicago

650 West Lake Street #220, Chicago, IL 60661, United States

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