[Dorkbot Chicago] Artist talk: Botborg 

location Catalyze Chicago | 7 PM-10 PM Monday 16 February 2015 (SST)

Realtime audio visual performance group Botborg visits Chicago! #glitch #hardware #circuitbending

Hello Wonderful Dorks, Artists,Technophiles and Friends!

This month the realtime audio-visual performance group Botborg (Jeff Donaldson and Scott Sinclair) is coming to Dorkbot Chicago as part of their first comprehensive US tour!

Please join us for their talk on: Monday February 16, 7pm at Catalyze Chicago (650 West Lake Street, Suite 220.) Closest CTA station: Clinton - Green Line This event is free!

Botborg is an international audio-visual performance group whose work centers around the real-time creation of intense experiences of sound-color synaesthesia. Using a complex feedback web of antiquated analog and new digital technologies, Botborg blends sound and vision into a self perpetuating 'single signal' of interdependent color and rhythm. Incredibly detailed textures, harsh bursts of block color, pulsing white light, stroboscopic color, and experimental sound are all unified in a totally live multi-sensory performance.

How did fate bring these two Titans Of Nerdom together? Do they know what they’re doing to make all those violent flashing colors? What exactly is a “Photosonicneurokineasthograph”?

All these questions will be answered as Jeff Donaldson and Scott Sinclair explain how their work with no-input video systems lead them to the worlds of video art, expanded cinema, improvised music, and even textile design!

Note: Botborg performances often include very loud sound played in combination with very fast flashing/strobe light.

>> What is Botborg?

Like a Robot and a Cyborg compounded together, Botborg is a complex array of custom electronics (prepared video mixer; MAX/MSP software) used to create collusive audio-visual performances. After 10 years Botborg has been getting around some, even to Chicago's Gene Siskel Film Center in 2011. Donaldson (Notendo) pioneered “video bending” back in 2001 by preparing video game systems to intentionally short-circuit. Scott Sinclair has over 10 years of experience making audio-visual performances based around feedback networks.

Donaldson has been performing solo audio/visual improvisations since 2012, using prosumer video mixers to generate sound and video without any external sources. Most recently, he has been working with a Panasonic video mixer that he prepared to corrupt video RAM live. Sinclair live processes Donaldson’s video signal as sound using his custom software patches developed in MAX/MSP. Sinclair’s audio is sent back to Donaldson to be processed as video and the audio/visual ouroboros eats its tail.

>> Who is Botborg?

Scott Sinclair is a German-based-Australian audiovisual artist, performer, and programmer. With an extensive history in improvised music and multi-media performance, he creates work that involves aggressive and humorous collages of different media to form highly interdisciplinary outcomes. As a performer, Scott is known for his brutal and unpredictable performances which has found audiences strangely entertained on many tours in Europe, Australia, Japan, Russia, and North America. Scott currently performs in the audiovisual groups Botborg and The Superusers, and his solo noise-karaoke project Company Fuck.

Jeff Donaldson is a New York-based artist originally from Corpus Christi, Texas. Through the utilization of hardware-hacking techniques, broken image files, binary data and unorthodox digital processes, the artist seeks to draw a link between current technological culture and ancient art forms of design. Donaldson’s work has exhibited internationally including at Museum of the Moving Image, NYC; Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio De Janeiro; The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, UK; Leap, Berlin; Transmediale, Berlin; Isetan, Tokyo; White Box, NYC; Art in General, NYC; Eyebeam, NYC; PLANETART, Amsterdam; and iMAL, Brussels among many others. In 2007 he began translating his prepared video output into knitwear and in 2011 established Glitchaus as his textile/surface/fashion design studio name.

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