Tech Talks @ Dropbox NYC

Please join us for two technical discussions from Barak Michener (CoreOS) and Ramesh Dharan (Dropbox). Food and drink will be provided.

Feel free to invite whomever is interested, but please have them RSVP in advance. We hope to see you there!

Cayley: Building a Graph Database

Written in Go, Cayley is a graph database based on technology behind Starting with a short history of the inspirations behind Cayley, this talk will deep-dive into the moving parts of building a graph database, between the various query languages, the storage engines, and the iterator trees.

Barak Michener is a backend Go developer working on etcd for CoreOS and lead maintainer of Cayley.

Dropbox Notes: Productionizing, Securing and Scaling

Dropbox Notes is heavily used internally at Dropbox and is currently available in private beta. In this talk, Ramesh will give an overview of the Dropbox Notes architecture and some of the unique technical challenges involved in getting Dropbox Notes ready for the world.

Ramesh Dharan is a developer working on Dropbox Notes infrastructure. Prior to joining Dropbox he spent a few years at Google working on the Google Cloud Platform and many years at VMware working on low-level virtualization technologies.

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