Elwin Quit His Job

location 3748 Midvale Ave | 7 PM-11 PM Saturday 22 June 2019 (PDT)

Experience Vicarious Freedom

The Plan

Okay so we're gonna probably eat and then probably play board/video games.


Going out for food would be a trainwreck so please eat something small before coming!

Some people may head to Sawtelle beforehand but I am not going to try to coordinate dinner specifically, but feel free to reach out to one another to get dinner!

I'll be providing semi-substantial food for a handful of dietary restrictions but not a full meal.

You're welcome but not obligated to bring your favorite snacks / drinks. Err on the side of KFC or a veggie tray over Doritos, though (sorry Bijan).

There will be cake.


Devin's got a steam link and a variety of Nintendo consoles. Feel free to bring a Switch or a controller with you!

If you'd like to bring a board game you are also more than welcome to.

Click attending already cowards >=|


1) Do you have a job yet?

No but I have done a few onsite interviews

2) How is parking?

Terrible, please carpool.

You can call me at 770-490-8912 if you get screwed finding someplace. Try to park on Venice Blvd or on a neighboring street since Midvale only has parking on one side. If you're Ann you can probably Bird over.

3) Can I bring so-and-so?

Sorry but if I didn't invite them specifically then no ><! I'm already over capacity and I'm being sort of deliberate with invitations since our apartment is not large.


  • Melancholy Robot

    singer/songwriter of band Melancholy Robot. drummer for @bonehengeband. he/him. all my music is sad bc i have depression smash that mf bandcamp link tho 👇😎👌


  • Nihilist Arby's

    Officially, I have nothing to do with arby's. Unofficially, everything is nothing. Eat Arby's


  • Devin Gunay

    Software engineer. Pianist. Gamer. GA Tech OMSCS student. Confused Ganon/Marcina/Chroy player.

  • Elwin Martin

    Main is private sorry not sorry


3748 Midvale Ave

3748 Midvale Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034, USA

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