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The New State of Flow: Addressing the Needs of the Millenial, Rose Cameron, Director of Innovation Strategy at Penn State University

Rose Cameron has been studying Millennials (born 1980-2000) throughout their lives. From babies with Stride Rite, tweens with McDonald’s, teen girls with Nintendo, young adults with Starbuck’s and young women’s/men’s redefinition as a new breed of parent and organized civic force. Now she works as the Director of Innovation at Penn State University (Outreach and Online Education), to ensure the needs of this tipping point population are met and exceeded.

This discussion reviews the three key generations populating our world. How they differ, how they define and how they want to engage. Examples of inspirational working & learning environments, product innovations and best cases will be explored.

Rose Cameron is Director of Innovation (Outreach and Online Education), Penn State University. Rose is a cultural anthropologist, global brand strategist and chronic puzzle fixer. As of October 2015, she has been Director of Innovation (Online & Outreach) for Penn State University in Pennsylvania, USA. Rose’s role is to maintain the momentum of innovation at Penn State University both online and through partnerships with academic and commercial entities. Or in her words, “My job is to open the windows and let the fresh air in.” Rose is frequently invited to speak on the trending subjects she monitors and on which she reports – Millennials, Men, Technology, Observational Big Data Research and Change Management. Her studies have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, New York Times, The Chicago Times and many others. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, IBM and Microsoft are some of the brands Rose has repositioned and nurtured on a global scale. Rose is a proud graduate of the University of Glasgow, Scotland in Theatre and Sociology with a specialization in Cultural Anthropology. The rolling hillsides and verdant valleys of central Pennsylvania are now home for Rose, Norbert and their daughter Ariana.


  • Rose Cameron

    Pragmatic innovator, global strategist, marketing provocateur, Scotswoman, man whisperer


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