Facebook Developers in Lagos Meetup

location 2/4 Funsho Str., Sabo B/S, Yaba, Lagos | 11 AM-2 PM Saturday 25 June 2016 (CET)

A meetup for all developers using ReactJS, Messenger bots, facebook login and other facebook tools in Lagos and environs.

We are hosting our very first meetup for the Facebook Developers community in Lagos on 25th June, 2016.

By being part of this event, you can Interact, engage and be part of Facebook Developers Community to get to know how Facebook tools & platform can help you connect, share and build!

We will be primarily talking more on ReactJS and Messenger bots - the two hottest tools on the devosphere right now.

However, most of the discussions will not be limited to Facebook tools, but will also address underlying software design principles and will be driven by seasoned developers.

We thank facebook for sponsoring food and drinks, and #Andela, for providing an amazing conducive atmosphere

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  • Omonori Jesmine

    Jesmine is a Full Stack Developer who works with Ruby on Rails, the MEAN Stack, Java and now ReactJS. These days he writes and gives talks on the ReactJS framework as one of choice. In his talk, Jesmine will be answering golden questions like Why React? Why not Angular? Why not Ember? He will also be giving us insight into React Apps in Production.

  • Komolafe Tolulope

    Tolu also goes FullStack with a background in Rails, but recently works more with ReactJS through requests from multiple clients (and of course, personal preference). Tolu will be walking us through Fundamentals in setting up ReactJS Applications, various setup architectures and the logic behind them.

  • Oscar Oranagwa

    Oscar writes GoLang, EmberJS and Ruby. His extensive experience lies in backend development, where logic and algorithms deal the most cards. Oscar will be walking us through how we could create and interact with Facebook Messenger bots.

  • Kamiye

    Kamiye is a mobile developer that tends towards the Android/Java Stack. He has built several applications currently published in Google Play Store. Kamiye will be taking an economic approach towards FB Messenger bots - How even small local businesses can utilize Messenger bot as an always-online receptionist and other additional benefits.

  • Abiodun Shuaib

    Abiodun is yet another FullStackDeveloper, Enthusiastic Learner by Nature and TechEvangelist by interest. He is fascinated by javascript and its endless frameworks and goes to great length to bring them home. Abiodun will be bringing on his experience to make sure no one gets left behind in both the discussions and the workshops.


  • Facebook

    Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

  • Chukwuemeka Afigbo

    As a strategic product partnerships manager at Facebook, Chukwuemeka is working with different content partners and developers Middle East and Africa as part of Facebook's drive to make its platform more relevant in the day to day lives of people all over the world

  • Andela

    Extend your team with world-class developers. Andela accelerates your product roadmap with the top 1% of #tech talent from the African continent.


  • True. So True.

    Innocent rides Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React (with Flux and Redux frameworks) and NodeJs. He constantly seeks elixirs to improve upon his web-design, Product and Project Management Skills. When not coding, he sings, dances, swims, plays basketball and volleyball.

  • Akinjide Bankole

    Akinjide is a G/UX and UI Designer, Front and Back-end Programmer. He really loves hacking stuff and is super interested in social innovations.

  • Daniel Chinedu

    Chinedu is a Ruby enthusiast. Javascript advocate. Sassy css fan. Internet nerd. Problem solver. Workaholic.Web buff. All round general nice guy.

  • Kayode Adeniyi

    Kayode (Kay) is a FullStack Mobile and Web developer, a design devotee, a logic guru with an affinity to squashing complex bugs :)

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