FDR PTA Kinder Parent Coffee

location Little Theater | 8 AM-10 AM Friday 21 October 2016 (-05)

“Childhood sexuality and affection: What's appropriate and how can we help our kids develop a healthy sexuality?”

Introduction by Mariana Avendaño, Roosevelt ES Counselor.

Keynote Speaker Denise M. Jochamowitz, ICC Professional Coach, Licenced in Education.

Sexuality is an essential part of our lives. During this workshop we’ll address issues and concerns that we share in order to direct and help our children to live their sexuality in a healthy, loving and responsible way. 

Some of the issues that will be covered during the workshop:

  • What is sexuality?
  • What should we expect from every stage of development of our children?
  • What should we teach our children about their body and how to take care of it?
  • How to prepare our children for “the talk” that now takes place at age 8?
  • What should we communicate to our children and when?
  • How can we help to prevent sexual abuse?
  • How can we guide our children in their natural exploration of their bodies?
  • What are our most frequently asked questions regarding sexuality and how do we address them in the upbringing of our children?

Denise is encouraging you to send her your questions in advance at djochamowitz@vidacoaching.pe

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