A Third Song of Fire & Ice

location 2754 N Troy St | 6 PM Saturday 06 July (CDT)

We rate this party 27 Firetrucks & 54 Ice Cream Cones out of 5 John Wick 3's

According to the nice and accurate prophecies of Hjora Doorg, the apocalypse will commence precisely 66 hours after the 193rd anniversary of the simultaneous deaths of Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

Coincidentally, that falls on Saturday, July 6th at 6pm.

Join us in starting or stopping the impending doom by picking #TeamFire or #TeamIce. Creative attire to show off your temporary tattoos is strongly encouraged.

Bring a bottle or a bestie - it's okay if they're one in the same. Extra points** if you bring something to rep your team like fire breathing supplies or a shot-ski.

** Points will be awarded on a very biased and shockingly-disturbing sliding scale.


2754 N Troy St

2754 N Troy St, Chicago, IL 60647, USA

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