We're DONE!!!

It's Bonfire Time

BYOBooze and Meat. We'll be grilling, playing games, and sitting out by the fire. A much needed break after this insanity.

We have Games!!!!


Horse Shoes

Catch Phrase


Feel free to bring more if you want. We were going to have Karaoke but someone took our TV… #jerkface (Hey if you can't laugh with them right? or something like that.)

Keep in mind it's December so dress warm! We will have fires going to help but def wear layers. We will also be making some fancy hot chocolate, so maybe bring cake or a pie… or a cookie pie

The house is not marked, so if you are having troubles finding it, there will be balloons or something to help you in your quest. Our cars (Green Honda and Red 4Runner) will also be in the driveway.

Reminder: This is a house, not an apartment and we will be hanging out in the backyard! Some people get mixed up on the "not an apartment" part.

Can't wait to see you there! <3

If you're bringing more things, food or otherwise, put it in the comments below.


2900 Wickersham Ln

2900 Wickersham Ln, Austin, TX 78741, USA

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