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Ambiently build your startup or project's Twitter audience by being yourselves 

Update: this is now live at Flounder.io

I'm a founder of a startup - Makeshift - and I'm also a heavy Twitter user, @stef. I chat to people all day long, and have interesting conversations about lots of things. Sometimes related to my work, often not.

I also have a Twitter account for my startup - @makeshift. Whenever it comes to remembering who I should follow on Twitter from my company's account I always get stuck.

Surely there should be some way of making sure that the people I'm chatting to and most connected with online are also following the updates from my company if they are interested?

So I made a tiny app, I'm calling it Flounder for now, that does that for small teams:

  • It monitors the @replies to and from your personal account.

  • Once you've had a two-way conversation with someone, say three tweets either way, your company account follows the person you've been chatting to.

  • If they are not interested and don't follow back within a short while, it unfollows them and doesn't bother them again.

Some questions

  • How could this be non-spammy?
  • Is it a bit weird to automate this?
  • Should you be able to filter out people who aren't related to your project?
  • Should there be a human-powered step? "Here are some people your company account should follow. Okay to continue?"

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I think it could be handy if you have several people on your team connected to Flounder. Just by your team chatting to people and being themselves, you're all helping to build an audience for your shared account.

Ambient audience building perhaps?

Anyway. It would be great if you'd be interested in trying it out. Just put your name down here and I'll email you the link once I've got this online.

CC Image Geoff Stearns

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