forLoop Lagos: The Broad Fullstack

Being a Fullstack Engineer is beyond having the right amount of Frontend and Backend knowledge. Architecture, payment solutions, DevOps, etc are beginning to become fields that Fullstack engineers are required to know.

Industry professionals will be sharing their experiences and knowledge about the challenges of being a Fullstack Engineer in 2017 and how to approach these challenges.


  • Neo Ighodaro

    ⚡️Creating Something Iconic. CTO at @Hotelsng. Founder @CreativityKills. Writer at @scotch_io. TOPIC: Demystifying Docker

  • Tim Akinbo

    african tech entrepreneur, programmer and lover of all things digital. #fintech #africa #cryptocurrency #bitcoin TOPIC: Cryptocurrencies - The Technology and Economics

  • Lawrence Enehizena

    My thoughts on web technologies and ...everything else? TOPIC: Architecting Large Backend Services While Thinking About its Clients


    An innovator and software engineer. Lead Engineer at @andela. Passionate about education and lifelong learning. Loves good food and soccer. TOPIC: Microservice Deployment Strategy - Container as a Service (CaaS) via Kubernetes


  • Andela

    Extend your team with world-class developers. Andela accelerates your product roadmap with the top 1% of #tech talent from the African continent.

  • Flutterwave

    Pay & get paid across Africa! Process payments to and from Africa with one API!

  • Scotch Development

    Insightful web design/development articles. Bringing fire to the people. By @chrisoncode and @whatnicktweets


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