#FPLive - Asi Sharabi from Lostmy.name

location Moo | 6:30 PM-9 PM Wednesday 21 January 2015 (GMT)

#FPLive - Lean publishing with Lostmy.name

We’re gathering together a select group of startup entrepreneurs, their colleagues as well as key influencers from the London tech community for our next “Forward Partners Live” event.

As always the evening will be a mix of thought provoking discussion with our invited speaker, networking and drinks.

What happens when you publish a book in the same way you build an internet startup?

Asi Sharabi is a co-founder and CEO of Lost My Name, an emerging London-based full stack publisher with global ambitions. Their first product, which started as a pet-project sold over 220,000 copies to date and shipped to over 100 countries.

Join us to hear from Asi on;

  • Why lean startup is relevant to any new product development, not just a software venture
  • How to get to a product/market fit before raising any capital
  • Why we think vertically integrated businesses will win the future
  • The exciting times ahead for Lost My Name

When we think of a startup we often automatically think of a purely digital operation, something app based or service orientated. Lost My Name brings us something creative, inspiring and physical yet taking advantage of technology.

Remember - we’re always on the lookout for great entrepreneurs to back. If you know anyone that we can help to find a co-founder and start a business, please get in touch.



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