#FPLive - Divinia Knowles from Mind Candy

We’re gathering together a select group of startup entrepreneurs, their colleagues as well as key influencers from the London tech community for our next “Forward Partners Live” event.

As always the evening will be a mix of thought provoking discussion with our invited speaker, networking and drinks.

<strong>"The scaling struggle - the highs and lows of startup up growth"</strong>

Divinia Knowles is President, Director and COO at Mind Candy, one of London's most notable startups best known for their children's gaming hit, Moshi Monsters.

Divinia joined Mind Candy in 2006 as employee number 10 and has experienced all the challenges of scaling a fast growing startup.

It's been far from plain sailing. Taking a cue from Ben Horowitz, Divinia will share with us "The Struggle", the tough journey that she's been on and how Mind Candy have had to adapt constantly to their challenges.

Join us to hear from Divinia on;

  • what happens that you least expect when scaling a company
  • what it takes to be a startup COO
  • how to keep going when the going is tough
  • why your people are everything what goes on behind the scenes to build a world class team
  • the exciting times ahead for Mind Candy

In a startup world where everyone talks up how great things are going for them, join us for a refreshing dose of reality and learn first hand what it's really like to scale a venture backed business.

Remember - we’re always on the lookout for great entrepreneurs to back. If you know anyone that we can help to find a co-founder and start a business, please get in touch.



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