#FPLive - Don't worry, be happy! How?

We’re gathering together a select group of startup entrepreneurs, their colleagues as well as key influencers from the London tech community for our next “Forward Partners Live” event.

As always the evening will be a mix of thought provoking discussion with our invited speaker, networking and drinks.

Don't worry, be happy! How?

We're very happy to welcome Nic Marks. Nic is the CEO of Happiness Works and author of "The Happiness Manifesto". He previously founded the Centre for Well-Being, part of the independent think tank at the New Economics Foundation (NEF), in London and is a pioneer in the field of well-being research, creating statistical methods to measure happiness, analyzing and interpreting the evidence. His talk at TEDGlobal in 2010 has been viewed over a million times. Now a tech startup CEO himself, his mantra is "happiness is a serious business".

Join us to hear from Nic on;

  • Why happiness is a big driver of productivity
  • What are the things that actually make us happy at work?
  • How startups teams can improve their happiness

Startups can be fun. They can also be very hard work and an emotional roller-coaster. Being happy can be a huge advantage for startup teams facing tough challenges. Nic will help us understand what it takes to build happy teams.

Remember - we’re always on the lookout for great entrepreneurs to back. If you know anyone that we can help to find a co-founder and start a business, please get in touch.

Please note that this event does require that your name be on the guest-list else you may not be allowed to enter the building.



  • Happiness Works

    Happiness Works provides science-based, responsive analytics with instant reporting that unlocks new ways to happiness and productivity for workplaces


  • Forward Partners

    Helping ecommerce ideas form strong businesses, with funding and talent.




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