#FPLive - Sam Phillips, Shutl

location Moo | 6:30 PM-9 PM Tuesday 21 July 2015 (GMT)

Scaling engineering pre and post-acquisition: Sam Phillips tells us about building Shutl's engineering team and becoming an eBay company.

Over the last decade Sam has worked with companies and startups of all sizes across e-commerce, online travel, SaaS products and logistics/warehousing. Sam's also been part of two successful acquisitions and prides himself with building strong teams that deliver value, retain top talent and learn quickly.

Shutl is the London startup that’s fixing delivery. They started with their headline offering of delivery in 90 minutes and one-hour time slots from major omnichannel retailers and are now looking at new ways to put you in control of all of your deliveries. Venture backed, they were acquired by eBay in 2013.

In this talk Sam will share lessons learnt, successes and otherwise, from scaling the Shutl engineering team. Scaling comes in lots of forms: hiring, retaining and developing great talent, building a customer-focused team dynamic, raw software performance and responsiveness, and being adaptable as things change. Of course, an acquisition is one of the biggest changes a startup can experience - Sam will talk about how to make this a success and continue running world-class engineering once you’re part of a much bigger company, often with quite different ideas.

Hear from Sam about:

• Turning your engineering team into a competitive advantage <br>• The Big Rewrite(tm) and when to do it <br>• Starting and growing great teams as they mature <br>• Agile, lean, discipline & continuous delivery <br>• Creating great feedback loops and responding to change




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