Free The Tipple: January

Hello ladies and welcome to the inaugural Free the tipple club meeting! This event will be Frida Kahlo themed and we will be drinking a Frida inspired tequila cocktail. We will spend our time getting to know more about Frida, getting to know each other, and planning the rest of the year!

Things to note 1. Once you're on Gulana Ave, please dial #122 at the gate and we will buzz you in 2. Please aim to get there right at 6pm so we can start the festive activities on time. 3. I will have a tequila cocktail ready to match the theme of the night. If you'd like to drink something else, feel free to bring that. 4. I will provide snacks! 5. If the theme 'Frida Kahlo' inspires you in how you dress, that's a bonus

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