From Berlin with love

location The Three Johns | 1 PM Saturday 31 March (BST)

Come hang out, on Saturday over Easter, because it's been faaar long since I saw you last

this is the event link for folks who don't use Facebook, or have recently left Zuck's platform. If you prefer using Facebook you can sign up on the FB event page too. I'll post any updates to both places, so if you've said you're coming there you can sign up for fun here, but you don't need to

OK, here's the deal.

I'm in London for my 36th birthday this week, and to see family. I got that part booked, and sorted - huzzah!

But there are many of you who I haven't seen in aaaaaages, and it would make me very happy to hang out again.

I've booked a couple of tables here, at the Three Johns, and I'll be there from 1pm onwards. They do vegan, veggie and normal pizza, and other stuff if gluten ain't your thing.

You can drop by any time from 1 that suits you, but from around 6-7pm, I'll be trying to get a group to visit Every Cloud, as Felix's place is now my favourite cocktail bar in Britain and if you don't know it yet, I would be doing you a disservice by not introducing you to it.

You in?

P.S. If you kinda know me, or know me from twitter, you're still very welcome - to the extent that I am allowed to be, I'm proud of the collection of friends I've made in London. The chances are, you'll get on well with them - drop me a DM or email me, and I'll make a point of introducing you to nice people and making you feel welcome.


The Three Johns

73 White Lion St, London N1 9PF, UK

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