Front End Hackathon

location 7 Southside Dr | 9 AM-5 PM Saturday 18 October 2014 (EST)

Help shape the new tech stack at the Hub!

With "End Of Support" announced for YUI, the team at CommerceHub is exploring options for replacement technologies on our front end. In order to evaluate options, we decided a weekend meetup hackathon would be fun and help us rapidly explore several options. Then we thought "Why not invite the community!?" This is a great opportunity to explore several front end technologies in a single day with a group of passionate developers.


I'm building a simple app for managing contacts (Github Repo). This will be the backend to support our front end development work. We'll start the day with a short meet and greet then I'll go over how the app works. We'll do a quick code dive then go around the group and pick several frameworks to explore. We'll then break into teams of 2-5 developers and start coding! Lunch will be covered by CommerceHub (yay, free food!) and after a break for lunch, we'll take a short break to talk about our findings so far. At 4 or so, we'll stop developing and do a bit of showcasing. What did you find out? Did you like the framework? Pluses? Minuses?

Some developers here have already identified some frameworks to explore to give you an idea of what we're looking for:

Your choices are not limited to these and there a plenty of other options out there. Check out ToDoMVC for more options.

"But I don't know any of those frameworks!" – Good! An important piece of the front end world for our team is 'How fast can I ramp up on the technology'? We believe simplicity is power.

"Do you really expect to ramp up and implement a front end in a day? That seems pretty ambitious" – Ok, you got me…we don't actually expect to have fully functioning front ends in all of these technologies by 4pm. What we DO expect is to have a much better understanding of what the technologies offer and what a fully functioning front end WOULD look like. This is more of a prototyping practice to try and hit all the key parts of what you want out of a front end. i.e. clean code organization, reuseability, less boilerplate js, readability…etc.

"What do I need to bring?" – Please bring a laptop with the environment described in the github repo all set up. If you have issues setting your environment, feel free to comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP. Otherwise, I'll be there 30 minutes early to help you get your laptop up and rolling!

Feel free to ask any more questions below in the comment section, and mark yourself as attending so we can get a reasonable head count


7 Southside Dr

Suite 210, Clifton Park, NY

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