Fur Squared November Meeting

location Online! | 11 AM Saturday 03 November (CDT)

Merch Ideas

Time to start tracking any new merch ideas for 2019. I've started a spreadsheet of what we have so far. If anyone has any ideas that they would like to include, please post here in the staff channel. I had looked to see if there was a way to consolidate the conversation on the spreadsheet itself, however I couldn't find a way to do that beyond commenting on specific cells.

Helpful additional points of information could be a link to an example, any prices you might have found, and potentially even how long it would take for turnaround to acquire that merchandise. A senior staff member can take any ideas and add them to the spreadsheet as they are discussed.


FurSquared Lore

There's been an idea of including some of the historic lore of things that have been fun references at FurSquared events. These ideas might get used in various creative works, and having a list of lore in one place helps with that process. This spreadsheet is open for editing, please feel free to add any lore that you know of, and ideally what the origin of that lore is and any additional notes about it. Please keep this list to staff only, and please respect other folk's additions.


Staff Positions

In the evolving effort, we want to try and identify staff changes in positions, and/or openings and new needs for departments.

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