Games and Politics

location 29 Glanville Rd | 2 PM-5 PM Sunday 25 October 2015 (GMT)

Games are doing politics

Let's get together and explore how.

We're putting together an afternoon of games and playful things that explore politics.

Games let you step into another persons shoes and experience life from their point of view. You are presented with their choices. By being given the role of agent we can build empathy in a different way to other cultural forms.

What do we mean by games? We're have a pretty broad definition when it comes to games. We'll be playing things like videogames about border control, larps about military corruption and boardgames about expression.

What do we mean by politics? We have a pretty broad definition of this too. It might mean games that simulate political processes, games that let us think of serious issues or games that are about representation - either letting us experience life as a different person or find ways to express our own experiences.

Who is this for? You. It doesn't matter if the last game you played was monopoly at your nan's five Christmas' ago, if this sounds interesting to you come along. We'll be selecting games that are easy to pick-up and we'll be around to help people learn them.

We're inviting a mix of people from different backgrounds and disciplines. It's a chance to meet a range of cool and interesting people. We want the event to be relaxed and friendly, so we'll be doing introductions and a warm-up game or two at the start. Feel free to bring a friend if you don't want to come alone.

We're not sure on a venue yet (depends on numbers) - but definitely London, probably Hackney way.

Feel free to bring a friend (or two)

The Games

Here's a list of some of the games that we might be playing.

The Quiet Year A cartography game where players guide a community through one quiet year before the Frost Shepherds come. A game about the tensions within small communities and how difficult they are to communicate.

Bycatch A card game about drone strikes where players use their phones to get inaccurate information about other player's hands.

Papers, Please A videogame about border control. You play as an immigration inspector weighed down by increasingly complex rules about who can be let in and who should be turned away.

The Tribunal A larp (Live Action Roleplay) about a military trial. You are one of twelve members of your regiment accused of stealing food. There's an hour and a half until your trial and you're stuck in a too-small room, what deals will be made while you're waiting?

Dog Eat Dog A roleplaying game about small islands and colonisation. The occupation is here and they are different to you. Will you work to resist them or will you accept their ways?



29 Glanville Rd

29 Glanville Rd, London SW2 5DE, UK

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