This is for the second series following the 2 part inaugural Gauntlet City Next event. These sessions are an ongoing living campaign that compliment the Gauntlet City events on Tuesday evenings.

The Veil is a PbtA cyberpunk game designed to explore in-depth cyberpunk narrative play focusing on the characters, the human condition and the mysteries that often pervade these types of stories.

Touchstone for this first event was Ghost in the Shell. A future in which cybernetics are pervasive and corporations reach into the skies like ancient monoliths.

When players join, they create their own neighborhood for Gauntlet City, or use their own pre-established ones.

Previously on Gauntlet City Next:

Tao the Honorbound put together a squad when tasked with retrieving two geisha that were being held hostage. Ken Oshi, a high-tech, famous and athletic ken doll looking android was signing autographs inside when he too was held hostage. Ninsun, reached out to the hostage takers through The Veil. Toru discovered a secret entrance into the shop and smuggled everybody in and Tao applied lethal force. Everybody worked together to take care of the hostage takers, as well as retrieving one of the geisha. Things took a turn when they found the other geisha in the basement hooked up to a cybernetic obelisk that encompassed her entire body. It was running a mysterious program as yet unknown…

Returning to Tao's organization they were able to discern that in the geisha's past, she worked for a corp called Second Life and was tasked with overseeing a procedure in which a memory erasure was taking place. Then, just as this information was revealed to the protagonists in the medical bay, the woman awoke - ending the first episode.

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