This is for the second session of the 2 part inaugural Gauntlet City Next event. If successful, these sessions will be the start of an ongoing living campaign that will compliment the Gauntlet City events on Tuesday evenings.

Fight the future in the city you've come to know and love. Gauntlet City is going cyberpunk. In this trial 2 part event, I'll be using The Veil to create a customized future tailored to the players and their already established neighborhoods from Gauntlet City. Together, we'll subvert or invoke the tropes of the genre in order to explore humanity in a neon, chrome, and mixed reality age.

Check out the below resources for more information on The Veil: PbtA. .

The newest public release of the layout in progress is available here:

Playbooks have not undergone layout yet but the ones I whipped up for playtesting are available here:

Reference sheets available here:

Actual play audio of a playtest can be found here:

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