Gauntlet TGIT: City of Mist (2 of 2)

location Gauntlet Hangouts | 8 PM-10:30 PM Thursday 20 October 2016 (EST)

We're Playing City of Mist!

City of Mist is a role-playing game of film-noir investigation and super-powered action. It is set in a modern metropolis rife with crime, conspiracies, and mysteries. The protagonists are Gateways, ordinary people who became the living embodiment of a legend, their Mythos. While your Gateways may seek to strike a balance between the mysterious nature of their Mythos and their mortal aspirations, the powers within them always threaten to tear their lives apart. They have unwittingly become a part of a secret world of clashing stories, and soon other legends will come looking for them with demands.

We’ll be trying out the preview version of this new PbtA game. It comes with six pre-gen characters you’ll choose from. We’ll do this over two sessions, using the released sample case file: “V is for Going Viral” (so don’t read that). If we get through that quickly we’ll do another case for the second session.

You can find the free rulebook here:

We’ll pick from the playbooks a few days before we start. Playing in both sessions isn’t required, but encouraged.

Waitlist will be managed in comments.

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