Can a School for Mutants Survive in a Hostile World?

This is for the second of two sessions using Ben Robbins' Kingdom. It's one of my favorite games. We'll be using a Kingdom seed I put together, "Xavier's School for Gifted Children." It covers an X-Men-like institution trying to weather weird threats, dangerous students, and high-school drama. Attendance at both sessions is not required, but highly encouraged.

In Kingdom each player takes on a character dedicated to the survival of the "kingdom" (city, family, hospital, guild, etc). You share the narration, setting up a crossroads choice it faces. Everyone then frames scenes in turn and plays out the decision making, bargaining, and fallout. Each player has one of three roles which shape how they can affect the story.

In session one we'll build the characters & setting, and then play out one crossroad. In session two we'll work through new challenges facing the school. Rules will be taught.

If your attendance or RSVP changes, please also send me a message at edige23 at gmail.

For more on Kingdom, see For the seed I wrote, see

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