Burning Chrome and Incense

This is for the first of two sessions of Kuro, a game of J-Horror cyberpunk. Attendance at both sessions is encouraged but not required. Pre-gens will be provided and rules will be taught.

“The year is 2048, and something dark has returned to Japan. With an international blockade set up around the beleaguered country, there is no escape. To ignore the horror will only delay the inevitable, but do you have the strength to face the nightmares?”

After Japan mysteriously deflects a nuclear missile strike, other nations cut it off from the rest of the world. What happened? How was it stopped? Who was behind the Kuro incident? No one knows. In the months following, life has rolled on. But there are shadows in Shin-Edo.

“It is a sprawling, complex conglomeration, where the aluminium passageways of a subway line lead to winding streets with ancient façades. Even in the age of microphotonics, the houses are strung with a web of electric cables crisscrossing above the streets, either a humming spider web or the strings that the puppeteers use to run the city. Shinto priests rub shoulders with surveillance androids, young bosozoku (biker gang members) ride magnetic dragsters, the Genocracy digitises its thoughts so as to live forever and elegant ladies patronise little forgotten shops to exorcise the ghost that is haunting them.”

In the shadows, the populace whispers about ancient forces and spirits. About vanishings no one reports. About dealers who etch strange runes onto cyberlimbs.

Kuro is a near-future cyberpunk horror game set in Japan. It takes its cues from The Grudge, Akira, Pulse, Ghost in the Shell, Uzamaki, Blade Runner and beyond. I’m taking some of my inspiration from Persona 2 and other SMT games. The game's set in a fantastic Japan; I'm not an expert on that, so I hope you'll bear with my presentation.

We will be recording the session for later posting. If you sign up and your attendance or RSVP changes, please also send me a message at edige23 at gmail.

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