Gauntlet TGIT: Worlds in Peril (1 of 2)

location Gauntlet Hangouts | 8 PM-10:30 PM Thursday 27 October 2016 (EST)

We're Playing Worlds in Peril!

This will be a two session game for Worlds in Peril. Playing in both sessions is not required, but is encouraged.

Publisher Blurb: “Worlds in Peril is a collaborative roleplaying game designed to bring a comic book world to life. Learn the rules to the game by reading the comic inside and follow along to create your own hero with the exact powers and abilities you want them to have by mixing and matching Origin stories and motivations. Test their limits and watch their powers expand and change as you push them to learn and grow. Go up against two-bit villains, world-dominating masterminds, and unknowable beings from different planes of existence. Find out what happens when superheroes are powered by the apocalypse!”

We’ll use character pre-gens to facilitate play, posted a week beforehand. I’ll base the power sets on the examples given in the Thrilling Powers supplement. In session one you’ll have the opportunity to tune the character, choose your Origin book, craft Bonds, and define the group. We’ll skip the Drive books for this. By default you’ll start as a team of supers who have worked together in the past.

Waitlist will be managed in comments.

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