Geek Pride - Registration and initial meetup

location TechHub Manchester | 6 PM-8:30 PM Thursday 24 July 2014 (BST)

Geek Pride is a collective of geeks from across the UK that unite and partake in the Manchester Pride Parade as a walking entry on 23rd August.

This is an initial meetup to register interest, get to know everyone, discuss the main event, draw up a plan for the creative workshop and come up ideas for parade promotion materials.

For more information about Geek Pride and future events, please visit


  • Codethink

    Codethink is a growing software company doing awesome stuff in embedded, Linux, ARM, x86, IVI, micro-server clusters and toolchains

  • TechHub Manchester

    Community & workspace for tech entrepreneurs & startups - TechHub Manchester joins London @TechHub , @TechHubRiga & @TechHubBuc‎ as part of Global network.

  • Bytemark Hosting

    The UK’s “geek hosting outfit of choice” and inventors of, a rather awesome new hosting platform. Email us:



TechHub Manchester

TechHub Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

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