Let's play GHOST/ECHO!
Ghost/Echo is a two-page RPG by John Harper. It is presented as an 'oracle game': It provides only a starting point and a resolution mechanic. We fill in the rest of the details as we play. The free rules can be found here.

While hunting for loot in the Ghost World, your crew was sold out. You've walked right into an ambush, with hungry Wraiths on your heels.

These are the questions we must answer through play:
Why does your crew need loot?
What powers and talents does your particular crew member possess?
What is the Ghost World like?
What is the Real World like?
What are Echoes?
What are Wraiths?

Let's play to find out what happens!
This one-shot is part of the Gauntlet’s Mandatory Fun Club for new GMs. Attendance is limited to 4 players not including myself and is first come first serve. I will post the Hangout link in the comments 30 minutes before the event.

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