Gilbert Hack v1.1

location Gilbert Close | 10 AM Saturday 19 October — 8 PM Tuesday 15 October 2013

First attempt was a flop; let's DO IT!

Analogue multi-player synth game.

How can you make music whilst playing a game with your friends?

This is the theme for the first Gilbert Hack and subsequent hack days. Together we will learn new things and creatively build new tools.

This hack needs to:

  • Generate sounds and music using components
  • Have a competitive element
  • Visualise the gameplay in realtime and display who has won


We will all arrive by 10:00am at Gilbert starting the day with coffee and an open discussion about the theme.

We won't get massively far with the building of the final instrument/tool but a good first point to start with is generating sounds with analogue components.

Adam Mumford will take the lead on this aspect in the morning; introducing the hackers to the core concepts of component sound generation and key learning resources. Components and tools will be provided for us to all start building sound generators and creating variation on sound modulation and means of input.




Participants will come together for a group brainstorm session using the fanatically fantastic 'chalkboard–of–amazing' as canvas for idea generation around how the experience and hardware could work.

  • What does the controller look like?
  • How does the game behave with more than two players?
  • What do the screens look like?

Hackers will go away and focus on a part that they find interesting and create a short presentation about their ideas and development. Keep it simple don't be afraid to express your ideas with simple sketches. After everyone has presented a final group discussion will take place to come up with the objectives for the next hack.



Look forward to seeing you there!

James - Hack Coordinator

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