Power Boats: The Great Lakes Super Boat Grand Prix

location Washington Park Beach

A very exciting event featuring power boats

The Great Lakes Super Boat Grand Prix takes place in Michigan City and is a very exciting event featuring power boats.

Out with tall ships, dragon boats, and long boats - in with gasoline, engines, precision bearings, fast maneuvers, adrenaline, and all the thrill of the spectacle!

Taking place at Washington Park Beach, the Grand Prix showcases many of the world’s fastest, most powerful offshore power boats.

P1 Boat

A 4 day event, spectators get to talk with racers, teams, and boat owners as well as enjoy a boat parade, party, and food festival called the Taste of Michigan City.

The Grand Prix also doubles as a trade show, for those interested in making a purchase, but it is open to the public and has a more celebratory mood than your standard sales and showcase event.

It takes place on the weekend of 3rd and 4th August and tickets can be booked online in advance.

A Great Family Outing

The Great Lakes Super Boat Grand Prix is a fantastic 4 day event which is extremely family friendly and suitable for spectators of any age.

Whether you know about all the bits and pieces of power boats, or can’t tell ball bearings from precision bearings, you’ll still be able to enjoy this celebration and marvel at the spectacle of it all irrespective of your own boat know-how.

As well as power boats - any boat that is motorized, although most power boats possess a high power-to-weight ratio, making them super fast in water - there will be displays featuring jet skis.

jet sk

This amazing event is organized by Great Lakes Grand Prix, Michigan City with the help and support of their sponsors.

Family and friends of racers, I am married to one of them, are also actively promoting this very exciting event.


Washington Park Beach

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