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A hack day to help hack days to be better

> “Anything you can do, I can do meta”

So said Tim Berners-Lee. I joked a while ago that someone should organise a meta hack day, and then thinking it through I realised that actually there was the nub of a good idea in that joke.

We're gathering together people who regularly attend, organise, sponsor or in other ways are involved in hack days, hackathons, makeathons, make days, fixathons, and all other hack-thing-together-in-a-room events.

We'll spend a day or two thinking about how we can make things that make hack days better. Here are a few things I'm thinking.

  • How do we gather people to attend?
  • How can you make sure you've got a good mix of people in the room?
  • How can we increase diversity of attendees?
  • How can you make the communication about what's actually happening better?
  • What happens after the hacks have been made?
  • Can you involve people who are remote more in the hacking process?
  • What alternative to "judging" are there to decide "winners"?
  • Do we need "winners" at all?
  • What legal frameworks are missing to enable companies and individuals to work together?
  • How can hack days demonstrate more value for sponsors?
  • What motivates people to attend and what can we do to ensure they get what the best out of the experience?

And loads of other questions! I think there's so much more we could get out of the hack day format with a little thought, conversation and code.

If you're interested, add yourself here and we can start a conversation about the who/what/wheres of it. Signing in with Twitter is best if you use it!



  • Tomas Ruta

    Founder, @Interests. Disrupting nation states. An extremist, not a fanatic.

  • Stef Lewandowski

    Making digital products. Drawing monsters. Raising a family. Chair of school governors. Venture Partner @ignite100. One simple rule: create something every day!



London, UK

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