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Put Your PTO to Work

HackPTO was hatched when Saad Ahmedquot;Saad Ahmed") realized there weren't enough hours in a week to put a dent in his side project. Between a job he lovesquot;Viget"), a wife he adores, and a toddler he loves spending time with, he simply couldn't block out an entire weekend to focus and make progress on Team Treehouse or work on his side app. So he decided to put his PTO to work by taking a day off during the week to work on his side projects. 

And HackPTO was born.

Now, he wants to invite you to join him and others who want to dedicate a single, uninterrupted workday towards a side project.

So come start a project, launch a project, debug your codebase, launch a marketing site, design a new UI, or watch a few Code School tutorials. 

Whatever it is, there is a place for you at HackPTO.


1. Where are you hosting this event? This event will be hosted in Arlington or Dupont Circle, and will be metro accessible. A venue has not been selected yet, but if you know of any great locations that can accommodate 25 people for a full workday, let us know!

2. How much does it cost? Why are you charging a fee? What is included? $20 - $25. We'll have to pay for a venue, and that's why we're charging a fee, unless you or someone you know would like to sponsor this event or host us. We'd like to keep the costs as low as possible, so we're not including lunch.

3. Why is this taken place during a weekday? It's easier to take time off of work than it is to take time off from family. Thus, a weekday made the most sense for this type of event.

4. Is this a Hackathon? Will I be able to join a team to work on something together? At this point, it's going to be people working on side projects while hanging out with like minded folks who also want to build, create, and hack on a side project. 

5. What should I bring? Your projects, a laptop, and whatever else helps you be productive, like noise cancelling headphones.

Event Schedule

8:30am - Arrive and get settled-in

8:45am9:00am - Stand-up meeting

9:00am12:00pm - Focus and work

12:00pm2:00pm - Lunch + networking

2:00pm6:00pm - More focussed work

6:00pm6:30pm - Wrap-up and Fin.

6:30pm - Happy hour? 



Arlington or Dupont Circle

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