Hacksmiths #8: ROLI & JUCE

Christopher Fonseka shows us ROLI and JUCE

Ciao Hacksmiths,

This week, Christopher Fonseka from Roli will come to show us the Seaboard, an incredible new keyboard. Here's a demo.

Roli have recently acquired JUCE, a C++ framework for GUI, performance, but most importantly audio! Chris will show us a little bit about how that works, so that we can all be prepared for Music Hack Day which is coming up quick.

We're in NAB 326 again this week ahead of our triumphant return to NAB 314 next week.

See you there,

Hugh & Nevo


  • Christopher Fonseka

    Software Engineer at @WeAreROLI, Chocolate Enthusiast, Shower Rockstar, Compulsive List Maker, Insatiable Nerd, Incurable Apple-Fanboy.


  • Hacksmiths

    Goldsmiths University of London Hacking Society


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