Hacksmiths #3

location Goldsmiths University of London | Thursday 16th October 5:30PM

emacs: life in plain text

Greetings Hacksmiths!

Firstly we would like to thank Rebecca Fiebrink for the great talk last Thursday, you can find the link with everything she talked about here.

Dr Christophe Rhodes has agreed to come and speak to us about emacs: an extensible, customisable text editor - and more. He's asked if you can try and install emacs prior to the lecture rather than try and rely on eduroam. If you're on Mac you can use this, although I'm pretty sure it's installed by default. If you're on Linux you probably know how to do it already but just in case…. The steps for Microsoft Windows are the same as Linux, but first you install Debian.

The SU have sorted out member sign ups! You can either go there and pay the membership fee in cash (it costs £5), or on the SU website. All the money collected will go towards buying cool shit for us all to hack with. Make sure you sign up before Thursday so you can get your NFC enabled hackable membership card. We'll be collecting a list of signed-up member on Thursday before the talk, and everyone who shows up and has paid will get one of these fancy new membership cards.


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