Harwich's Big Do Part 2

location Harwich Library | 6 PM-9 PM Monday 06 July 2015 (BST)

What would you do with a space in the town centre?

On Monday June 22nd the Harwich community gathered at Harwich library in Dovercourt and collectively developed some fresh ideas for the library space. Everything from a climbing wall, to Zumba workshops, to a community care, and a pop-up shop in a wheel-able beach hut came up!

A summary list of the ideas can be viewed here: http://harwichsbigdo.tumblr.com/

The next step is to move these initial ideas from concept to reality.

That’s why we’re running another session on Monday 6th July, 6pm-9pm.

During this session we’re going to be working through the details of the ideas, answering questions such as:

Which room/area do you need? At what time? What would the costing model be (if any)? Who will manage it? What else do you need to get going?

If you joined us on the 22nd then this is your chance to make a tangible plan that can be signed off by the council.

Equally if you weren’t able to join us on the 22nd then you are welcome to help develop the existing ideas, and add your own thoughts to the mix.


Harwich Library

Harwich, Essex, United Kingdom

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