Havas Work Club Tech Talks is a regular gathering of techies from all disciplines, meeting to discuss and share thoughts on all things digital.

Expect 3 guest speakers with time for drinks and discussions afterwards. Doors open at 7pm. Talks start at 7.30pm

Sunil Jolly - Senior Technical Lead
Blackwells UK Ltd
Scenario driven frontend development
Test driven development is standard in most programming languages, but how can those principles be applied to HTML/CSS development and what are the benefits?

Stephen Chan - Senior iOS Developer & Creative Technologist
Learning SpriteKit framework with Swift
A quick insight on how to develop a simple game with SpriteKit but with all the hype about the new language Apple announced at WWDC, Swift, I will show the development of the game demo using the Swift Language.

Gary Stevens - Senior Front-End Developer
Havas Work Club
A responsive workflow
A look at how designers and developers can better work together to reduce churn and get a minimum viable product build sooner.

Pascal Auberson - Founder
Navigation and interaction in Virtual Reality
A review of the current state of navigation & interaction methods for Virtual Reality and insights from recent projects using the Myo, iPhone and other sensors.



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