Hey Homeslice: A First Convening

A convening of women interested in political and social action

Hello all,

Recently I've been talking to quite a few politically and socially invested women from Indy Hall, who have a slew of very real ideas about how to:

  • Build a politically & socially energized and supportive community of people (starting with the women we know)
  • Actively maintain our intimate knowledge of current and upcoming legislation and issues that require an engaged population's attention
  • Maintain and share an ongoing trove of resources and ideas for very direct action we can take around issues that, again, require an engaged population's attention.

I am stoked to have you all over to my house this coming Monday from 6:30pm - 7:30pm (or as long as the conversation warrants!) as a way to create a starting point for what this might become. I'll have some drinks and snacks available. Please bring your ideas!

My goal is for this to be the safest place possible for everyone. It doesn't matter if you have never been politically active, have never gone to a march/protest, or have never been part of a cause-based organization. I know you all have a TON to offer, and I look forward to the sharing of questions and ideas.


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