Hordidazzle 2019 (FtH IRL 18)

Computer friends!

It's that time of year *again! The **annual Hordidazzle Spectacular is upon us. Or, if you want to be all pedantic, FtH IRL XVIII.

The belated holiday office party you actually don't hate goes down:

  • Thursday the 10th
  • 7PM
  • Surly Main Room

BONUS: Horder in exile who is visiting MN during this inexplicably tropical January, Rachel Mann, will be joining us. So come say hi to her, and ghost on the rest of us, if nothing else.

Start time is rough, so if you can only make it later in the evening no sweat.

See ya there. And remember, failure to attend means all the dazzle is mine. It doesn't refrigerate well, sorry.

* Okay, this is the first time we've done this

** Annually starting now I mean

PS Sorry for the late announcement on this one!

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